Historic Reproductions

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Tools of the trade  Click to zoom
  • Tools of the trade
Authentic Native American Arrows  Click to zoom
  • Authentic Native American
  • € 35.00(per arrow)
Plains Indian Style arrows, grey barred feathers wrapped in back and front with elk sinew, crested under the feathers  Click to zoom
  • Plains Indian Style arrows
  • Grey barred feathers
  • Wrapped with elk sinew
  • Crested under the feathers
  • € 17.00(starting price per arrow)
Prehistoric style arrows, Wild rose shafts, Stone points, sinew wrapping  Click to zoom
  • Prehistoric style arrows
  • Wild rose shafts
  • Stone points
  • Sinew wrapping
  • € 45.00(starting price per arrow)
Japanese Style Kyudo Arrows made with bamboo shafts  Click to zoom
  • Japanese Style Kyudo Arrows
  • Bamboo shafts

  • On request
Viking Style Arrows, 6 inch feathers, Hand cut bulbous nocks, Silk wrapping through the feathers  Click to zoom
  • Viking Style Arrows
  • 6" feathers
  • Hand cut bulbous nocks
  • Silk wrapping
  • € 145.00(per dozen)
Persian Arrows, 7 inch feathers, full horn bulbous nocks, black color under feathers, war points  Click to zoom
  • Persian Arrows
  • 7" feathers
  • Full horn bulbous nocks
  • Black color under feathers
  • War points cost extra

  • On request